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BHS Elections & New ASB Takeover

New ASB members

A new year means a few different things at Bellingham High School: the start of second semester, saying “goodbye” to winter sports and “hello” to the spring season, the greatly anticipated opening of the spring semester’s play, registering for next year’s classes, and most importantly, the elections that crown a new ASB to guide the final months of the 2023-2024 school year, along with their term serving the first few months of the 2024-2025 year.

The call for a fresh student body was first introduced on January 12th, 2024, on Bellingham High School’s official Instagram election page, @bhs_elections. The post presented in bold letters, “2024-2025 EXECUTIVE ASB & SENATE ELECTIONS”, summarizing the six positions that were looking to be fulfilled, whilst mentioning that five senators were required per each grade. The caption read, “COMING SOON…” alluding to the weeks that would follow, of sixteen candidates creating posters to fill the halls of BHS, in hopes of reaching students’ hearts.

With the announcement, dedicated Bayhawks created their own advocacies, promoted themselves on social media, and even made self-directed videos to allow their voters to learn more about them, which was displayed on the Jumbotron during both lunchtimes in the commons. January 14th marked the introductions of each candidate, one post made for every student running, which included photos, their full name, and the position they wanted to secure. When Big Red called, sixteen fearless Bayhawks answered, explaining that they were worth voting for with the captions attached to their posts. The election’s page posted their final candidate on January 15th, making the continuous posts only last a day, but avid voters were already reposting their picks on their Instagram stories!

To finalize which Bayhawks would be given a role in ASB, the results were dictated by the people, the students of BHS, who took time out of their day to vote through a series of Microsoft Forms surveys. The first survey was sent on Thursday, January 25th, listing every candidate under which position they were running for. Each position gave the choice of three or four runners, affecting the following, and final survey. That being said, the second survey was sent out the week after, on Monday, January 29th, placing only two candidates against one another, for each position. But, six of the baddest Bayhawks came out on top, shown at an assembly held on Friday, February 9th.

The assembly served as a rite of passage for Bellingham, a farewell to the six members of ASB that were introduced to us last winter. To keep the energy up at the assembly, the dance team performed one of their many choreographies, however this time, they gave us a premiere of their hip hop choreography that they are proudly bringing to state. Eager to announce the new ASB, former members created individual handshakes to welcome members that would be carrying on their positions.

Kaleb Payne passed the title of ASB President to Coral “Coco” Carrillo, the mastermind behind this year’s “Latino Night,” as well as the familiar voice heard on the announcements, translating the daily news in Spanish. Right by their side as Vice President, Yale Morrow stepped down to make way for the athletic Kira Carlson, who you can find on the soccer, tennis, and unified basketball teams. Aiden Bowell signed off as Secretary-Treasurer by giving his autograph to Tyler Fields, signing his shirt and declaring him fit for the position. Spirit Officer of the BHS Dance Team, Sophia Olson-Barrow handed her title as Communications Director to dancer and cheerleader Keely Frazier. Another student of similar background, cheerleader and Vice President of the Environmental Club, Coco Haggen passed the label of Inter-Class Representative to the well-known drummer of the local band, the BeatRoots, Skylar Stone. Last, but not least, the multi-talented Catherine Chen revealed that the bright basketball player and activist, Maggie Jordan, would be taking over her position as Activities Coordinator.

Closing the assembly up on a good note, the new ASB and students of BHS said goodbye to the now, former ASB, by remembering them by putting their faces on shirts, since they’ll always be our baddest Bayhawks, even after graduation. Though, what makes the new ASB different from the old? How do they plan on keeping the love in BHS? Activities Coordinator Maggie Jordan answered these questions by saying,

“I feel with Coral being our new ASB president, she can help us connect with our bilingual Bayhawks which is so important for spreading the love at BHS! We also have a mix of ages on this new team, so we all have different connections at BHS that can help us support the entire student body. We all are here to make BHS a more connected space, and we are super happy to represent the Bayhawks! The old ASB has done an amazing job, and we are super grateful to follow up on their work.”

While the former members of ASB will be missed, it’s clear to see that the student body of BHS is in good hands with the arrival of the members who carry on their positions. As Maggie Jordan said, with a variety of ages, and a President who cares about the cultures at BHS, the love is sure to be spread through the commons and halls of BHS.

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