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Skyla Otto

Created officially in January of 2023 by Jones Walther and Skyla Otto, The Newspaper Club is one of the newest additions to a growing list of clubs at BHS.

The Bayhawk Bearer was started with the goals of inclusivity, education, engagement, and communication. This means that we will provide a platform for a diverse selection of student voices with varying backgrounds, opinions, and identities within our school. We will make it our top priority to report only the truth so we can properly educate our audience while not misrepresenting any person or situation. We will create a fun, spirited, and engaging newspaper to further contribute to the strong BHS spirit at the school. Finally, we will create an efficient and consistent form of communication for the school. It is our responsibility to uphold these commitments to make the largest positive impact we can.

Those interested in reporting or opinionated writing, satire, comics, art, photography, literary writing, and more are welcome to join The Bayhawk Bearer team, even if you have not attended any meetings yet. This is a great place to grow these skills, gain journalistic experience, and make a positive impact in the school (as well as on your college application). Those interested do not need to worry about their journalistic abilities; we will assist you in learning these skills!

Anyone with interest is welcome to join at any time. Come to an upcoming meeting or email us at [email protected] for more information. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @bayhawk_bearer_news!


Kevin the Pigeon
Kevin the Pigeon

Our Mascot: Kevin

Kevin is the Bayhawk Bearer’s official mascot and the subject of most of our marketing. While he is a pigeon, he is also much more than that. He embodies the journalistic spirit of this newspaper through the mail carrier satchel he brandishes and by helping deliver the news to the student body. He also gives great advice! Some of you may remember the time when the fire alarm was triggered by a pigeon loose indoors. That was Kevin’s inspiration! But don’t worry, he won’t be setting off any fire alarms as he brings you your paper!