Upcoming Tolo Dance


Baychella 2023 Poster

Clementine Revard

Bellingham High School is abuzz about the upcoming TOLO event, also known as the Sadie Hawkins dance. This Coachella-themed dance turns the traditional invitation trope around, instead involving the girl asking out the boy, causing excitement among the student body. However, friend groups often come together, seeing as this dance is much less formal than homecoming or prom. Each grade has its own theme, such as country for freshmen and indie for sophomores. These themes will impact the activities and dress-up days for the spirit week that leads up to TOLO. Like homecoming back in the fall, tickets will slowly go up in price as time goes on. Some dates for ticket prices are,

March 8th to 9th – $5

March 13th-16th – $10

March 17th – $15

The dance itself will be held on Saturday, March 18th at Bellingham. The TOLO dance is a great opportunity for many students. Whether they missed homecoming, want a more casual dance, or just love fun occasions, everyone can find something they’ll enjoy at TOLO.