Culture Night Returns


Jones Walther

Culture Night returns soon on March 17th for its second year. It starts at 6:00pm and is free to attend. The event had around 150 attendees at its debut and the organizer, Crystal Furre, hopes that it will draw a bigger crowd this time around. Culture Night advertises food, salsa dancing, and student performances alongside the possibility of the Lummi Nation Blackhawk Dancers making an appearance.

“No one really knows everyone’s background and they don’t tell anyone; you know?” said Furre when asked why she chose to start putting on this event. Furre expressed that she wanted to create a space for the diverse heritages present at BHS to be shared and celebrated. “Hopefully more people will be open to getting to know more cultures” said Furre.

Furre is a senior at BHS who is about to graduate soon, so to ensure that Culture Night still happens after she leaves, Furre says she will pass the responsibility of putting on the event to Multicultural Club. She also hopes that Culture Night becomes a tradition at BHS that will continue long into the future.

“For me, one of the important things that made me want to start this project was me also being Kenyan. I really think it’s important to share my culture and other cultures at BHS, and as a senior about to graduate in a few months I am excited to see how this year’s event turns out,” said Furre.

With all the interesting and appealing components of Cultural Night, it will surely become a legacy Furre can take pride in.