Kevin’s Corner – Bad texter?


Kevin the Pigeon

Kevin the Pigeon

Dear Bayhawk Bearer,

“i have been texting someone who goes to another school, and when i met them in person they are very entertaining and funny, and seem interested in the things i say too, but over text they seem dry and uninterested. i want to become better friends, because like i said they were very fun in person, but I don’t know how to further the conversation when they are so hard to talk to when it’s not in person.”


Dear Human (presumably),

This is quite the conundrum! Communication is one of the most important parts of maintaining any relationship, but some forms work better for certain people than others. Perhaps your friend is just bad at texting! It can be difficult to convey emotion through writing, which may be why they seem dry. If texting is not working for the two of you, an audio or video call may be better suited to your needs. You can also talk to them about it! Having a conversation about your communication difficulties may be the first step toward finding a solution that works for both of you.

-Kevin The Pigeon


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