A Preview Of Scapino!


Lucas Goodwin

Set of Scapino!

Lucas Goodwin

The play Scapino! is making waves around Bellingham High School.

This play is about a man named Scapino—a quick-thinking, clever manipulator. Scapino devises a plan to help a pair of lovers in need whose parents don’t approve of their relationship.

I looked behind the scenes and interviewed cast and crew to find out more. I interviewed Kenneth Dick, the actor for Carlo, who is a secondary trickster character with a few important plot points. Dick had previous experience in other productions not at Bellingham High School, but this was their first play at BHS. They are excited to play Carlo. Dick explained that the show was, “very funny and all over the place.” Scapino! features a lot of audience interaction. In the preview, the actors break the fourth wall and joke with the audience. It’s very entertaining to have interactions with the cast while the play is ongoing. I thoroughly enjoyed the preview of Scapino! The cast of actors and theatre technicians did an amazing job at creating the set and costumes for the characters. The lighting was spectacular and really built on crucial moments in the preview. Overall, the preview was amazing, and I can’t wait to see the full play.