TOLO Dance Filled With Excitement


Jones Walther

Students at the Tolo Dance.

Jones Walther

The TOLO “Baychella” dance attracted many students to participate.

Upon arrival, all bags were required to be left at the door, where attendees would receive a TOLO wristband. Students steadily filed in throughout the beginning of the night, with many choosing to make use of the photo booth provided.

People could be seen playing with balloons throughout the night, attempting to keep them in the air for as long as possible. Eventually, glowsticks were passed around, spicing up everyone’s outfits.

One group may not have needed the glowsticks though, as they all came wearing noticeable yellow construction jackets.

As the night carried on, a dense group of people formed around the DJ booth, all of whom were enthusiastically dancing and singing along to the songs. Some of the songs encouraged greater crowd involvement than others, with songs like Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Baby by Justin Beiber boasting significant numbers of students participating. There were even some attendees crowd surfing.

“I feel like it’s smaller than Homecoming, but they put more effort into it,” said Jane Moore, a BHS student.

“Baychella Slaychella,” said another student, Giselle Furlan.

The density of the main crowd resulted in quite a large difference in heat between the space around the DJ booth and the outskirts. It was so noticeable, in fact, that several students commented on it.

“It’s very warm but very fun,” said Ella Whitney, an attendee.

To further add to the heat, several line dancing songs such as the Cha-Cha Slide and Y.M.C.A. encouraged an even greater number of students to join the dancing fray.

“As soon as Y.M.C.A. came on I knew I was in the most American cliché ever,” said Jane Moore.

As TOLO neared its end, the enthusiasm did not dissipate. Crowd members danced energetically and, at one point, passed one of the inflatable palm tree decorations over their heads in a crowd-surfing imitation.

The night closed with the song Go Easy On Me by Adele and a stream of students leaving the school to enjoy the rest of their Saturday night.