Creative Writing Club Begins


Skyla Otto

The creative writing club, Bellingham High School’s newest addition to its growing list of clubs, was just approved March 30th. Its first meeting occurred on March 23rd, and the club will continue to meet weekly on Thursdays after school until 5 pm in room 115.

Founded to give people a place to write and share their own creative works, each meeting dedicates time for open-ended creative writing where members write independently and collaboratively, ask for feedback, and brainstorm ideas from other members.

“I want it to be very open,” said founder and club president, Maggie Flowers. “I’ve been thinking about how we could have opportunities to do collaborative projects and we could have optional prompts, but I also really want it to be a place where people can try whatever they want.”

Since many people have recently become interested in creative writing, the creative writing club gives its members a space for it beyond the English classes at BHS. “I had heard from English teachers that there are a lot of students who enjoy and are interested in Creative Writing but especially got into it over quarantine and in school,” said Flowers, “they have felt like they haven’t had as much time so I wanted to make a space where people could do that.” Many of its members enjoy taking advantage of this time to be able to have an unrestricted space to participate in their hobby with others equally as passionate. Member Korra Gibson, who writes both poetry and short stories said, “I joined because I love creative writing ever since I was little. I love stories. And I also took a creative writing class last semester, and I wanted another type of thing like that.”

Though its main focus is to bring a group of writers together, Flowers also has some long terms goals for the club including submitting finished works to the Bayhawk Bearer and entering writing competitions like the Young Writers Initiative where winners can earn scholarships. “I think having people get involved in those would be super cool,” said Flowers.

The creative writing club welcomes all types of creative writers, and encourages those interested to participate in an upcoming meeting. It is a great opportunity for those eager to engage in writing with other enthusiastic students to hone skills, acquire experience, and gain opportunities.