Kevin’s Corner – Too Silly?


Kevin the Pigeon

Kevin the Pigeon

“Im 2 silly :// how do i control myself? Pls elp!!!”

Dear Human (presumably),

Many times, it is not that a person is “too silly,” but that they are silly when the situation does not call for it. If you find yourself acting inappropriately for the situation you are in, you may need to slow down. Sometimes people can act in ways that they regret later because they do not take the time to properly think through their actions. If you take the time to consciously think about what you are about to do, or what you are about to say, you can more easily catch yourself before you act in ways that may be considered “too silly.” This may be difficult in the beginning, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. Before long, you may not even have to think about it anymore.

-Kevin the Pigeon


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