Kevin’s Corner – Can’t Go On?


Kevin the Pigeon

Kevin the Pigeon

“Kevin, the bayhawk breakdown was a DISASTER this week! I usually love the breakdown but this week… i dont even wanna talk abt it. How do i go on? :(”

Dear Human (presumably),

Most things, at some point, are bound to have dips in quality. This does not mean that they won’t recover later! While this most recent Bayhawk Breakdown video may not have been as good as you had hoped, I implore you to hold out hope for future videos. In regards to “going on,” if you find it painful to even talk about the Bayhawk Breakdown, it is important to note that you don’t have to. If brining up the topic at this point in time is unbearable, wait until the wound has healed over and then you can venture into talking about it. And don’t forget all the other Bayhawk Breakdown videos that you liked because of this one you didn’t. You may find it helpful to rewatch some of your favorites to remind yourself of their greatness and to soothe your grief over the lost potential of this most recent video.

-Kevin the Pigeon


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