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Homecoming Week

What happend the week leading up to Homecoming?
Hall Decorating on Saturday

The week leading up to Homecoming is just as important as the dance itself. The hall decorating and spirt week are both exciting parts of the Homecoming experience.

The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday preceding Homecoming week were spent decorating. The overall theme of this year’s Homecoming was mythology, a theme that the students voted on.

The Freshman used air to decorate their hallway with night and day themes. They created dragons and pegasi to give their hall an airy feeling in a creative way.

The Sophomores got earth, adding flowers and trees to their hallway to make it earthy. They covered the walls in green and brown paper to add to the forest feel. They also added a turtle that hung from the ceiling to match the tiny turtles they attached to the walls.

The Juniors got water and made octopuses and sea turtles to decorate the walls. They made the bathrooms signs mermaids and added blue streamers to make an ocean party aesthetic.

The Seniors made the main staircase the underworld and used gravestones and braided paper with a lot of black paper and candles. In fourth place was Freshman, Sophomores took third place, second place held the Seniors, and the Juniors won the hall decoration.

Each day corresponded to a dress up theme and a lunchtime activity. Monday was Medusa Monday and tug of war. People showed up to school in green wigs and sunglasses to show their participation. The tug of war at lunch was tough but Sophomores won both lunches. Tuesday was Twin day and Switch Sword Duels at lunch. People matched with one or even two people. Some people matched hairstyles and others went full out with a full matching outfit.

Wednesday was Elemental War where each class wore a distinct color. Freshman had white, Sophomores had green, Juniors had blue, Seniors had red, and staff had yellow. There was lots of participation from all grades even if it was something as simple as T-shirt color.  The lunchtime activity was a three-legged race. People were not as willing to participate in this one as they have in days past, but once people were brave and got up there, it was blast for everyone involved.

Thursday was Sun vs Moon, and participants chose to dress in light or dark colors. Participation was high today and everyone had fun choosing outfits to show their school spirit. The lunch time activity was spike ball. Friday was Freyja Friday, and everyone wore their BHS merch or pink and red to show their love for BHS. The lunchtime activity was a wacky relay. Friday also included an assembly that showed wonderful performances by our Dance and Cheer teams.

Overall, Homecoming Week was a smashing success that included a lot of spirit and fun.

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Adele Caram, Reporter
Adele Caram is a freshman at Bellingham High School and is on the schools dance team and has been dancing from a very young age. She moved to Bellingham in 2020 from Bend Oregon where she was born. She enjoys going to see movies and she spends her free time going on walks around town and hikes in the forest and beaches. Adele joined Newspaper Club to help share information about what's going on in her community.