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The Bayhawk Bearer

The Bayhawk Bearer

American Flag at a Low Angle
Memorial Day 2024
June 3, 2024
Mother and Child under a Beautiful Sunset
Mother's Day 2024
May 20, 2024
close up photo of bumble bee on pink petaled flower
World Bee Day
May 20, 2024

Flannel Season

Illustriously I’m lounging

In the sun before it falls

With the fall and all its leaves

From the weakened fingers of these trees

Crashing back into the earth


Where I will join them soon

We’re as tied as tide and moon

And briefly I’m retreating

For one still season before I reemerge

Where all the turning wheels converge


In the spring as buds appear

At the ends of tiny stems

Who part the soil over again

Where these leaves browned and disappeared

Beneath my boot soles and my skin


Time will timely clean your slate

Of things you did and didn’t want down the drain

Passing years are hard to sit between

But they’re slicker than this rain

Its better to be in every season before they slip away


Now the yellow light is fading fast

Breathe through your nose while it still lasts

Feel it pass across closed eyelids

Let it lay down on your checkered arms and bare skin

When this burns out another will be lit

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