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Battle of the Bands


A week of live music will fill the commons at lunch during one of the last weeks of school, June 3rd-7th. The “Battle of the Bands,” was both scheduled and planned by Bellingham’s Choir Director, Ms. Campbell. Word about the opportunity for local BHS student bands to perform was first spread about three weeks before the actual performances, with numerous speculations about which popular bands were going to play. Officially on the intercom, the information about the “Battle of the Bands” was relayed by ASB Communications Director Keely Frazier.

Scarce details were given with the swift announcement, but the central characteristic regarding the event was that there would be bands playing during both lunches, granting every Bayhawk a chance to look into the student bands at BHS. Yet, the idea of live music being played between school hours begs the question; who’s allowed to be part of Battle of the Bands?

Sam Kozaczuk, drummer and sometimes bassist of the student band, Back to the Loud, said that the group was personally invited by Ms. Campbell to participate in Battle of the Bands. When asked whether this process included the band auditioning he denied it, alluding to the fact that all participants were either invited or just signed up. However, not all members of Back to the Loud go to Bellingham High School—so how is performing at both lunches possible? When asked about this detail, Sam Kozaczuk said that their main guitarist David Hale, who attends Sehome High School, would be dismissed from his classes to participate in the event. Other bands also expressed their interest in Battle of the Bands, Slowfall as an example.

During an interview, Slowfall’s lead guitarist, Iza Wilson, states that Slowfall is very excited to participate in Battle of the Bands, whilst also revealing the fact that it would be one band performing per lunch. They also promoted their show at the Blue Room that is held on the same day they will be performing Battle of the Bands, with a ten-dollar fee at the door at 8:00 P.M, on June 5th. As details about their appearance at the Blue Room has been shared through Slowfall’s official Instagram, @slow_fall_, they mention that they will be sharing the venue with Back to the Loud as well. The same announcement was seen on Back to the Loud’s Instagram, @backtotheloud. On these Instagrams, you can find more information regarding the bands’ music, members, and you can anticipate the arrival of their performances this week during Battle of the Bands.



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