Black History Month 2024

“The things that makes us different, those are our super powers.” – Lena Waithe, Filmmaker and Actress
African American Culture, Traditionals Clothes with Musical Instruments
African American Culture, Traditionals Clothes with Musical Instruments
Tomas Anunziata

Overview and Information

Black History Month, which can be also shortened to it’s acronym of BHM, is the use of the month of February to honor and recognize not only what African Americans have gone through in United States history, but also to highlight the cultural achievements and contributions of the Black community. The United States is not the only country that celebrates Black History Month, either. Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom have also followed in the steps of the United States and have begun celebrating in recent years. Black History Month has been around for a total of 98 years, but people are becoming more aware of the practice as more recognition is brought to it.

The ASALH (Association for African American Life and History) chooses a theme every year to honor the contributions, aspirations, and the influence of social movements and action. This year’s theme is African Americans and the Artswhich focuses in on the creativity and influence that African Americans have brought to the world using cultural expression whilst preserving history and empowering themselves.


Black History Month hadn’t originally started out as a month. Rather, the ‘Father of Black History’, Carter G. Woodson, who was the president of ASALH and a scholar focused on historic contributions of Black Americans, had curated it to be a week-long celebration in 1926. He wanted to designate a time associated with revolutionary Americans such as Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas, both of their birthdays being on the 12th and 14th respectively. His main goal was to extend the public’s study and understanding of Black history, rather than creating new traditions in doing so.

Least to say, Woodson’s idea, called “Negro History Week” had begun to gain popularity thanks to his Journal of Negro History and the press released in February of 1926. Since then, the celebration has been extended to a whole month, in which people can spend their time studying and comprehending Black history and the trailblazing that Black Americans have done throughout it.

Highlighting Local Businesses!

Here in Bellingham, we have many Black-owned businesses around town, each of them having their own respective specialties. In honor of Black History Month, I’d love to recommend a few – although these businesses deserve credit year round, not just in February!

  • Brandywine Kitchen is a local black-0wned restaurant in the downtown area. They specialize in comfort food, using local ingredients from sustainable agricultural centers. There are also gluten-free options and a diverse menu consisting of different cultures of food. If you’re wanting to chill out and enjoy some good food, this place is for you!
  • Blessed Hands Hair Studio specializes in hair, eyebrows, and lash services. Both woman- and Black-owned, they are committed to the best possible services, and are known for the relaxing vibes. If you’re wanting a new spin on your look or to improve yourself, consider stopping by.
  • Steamy Trails Publishing’s main goal is to help authors publish books and guide self-publishing, but also building a community of writers, readers, and books lovers alike.
  • Miraculous Braids and Beauty is located both in Bellingham and Oak Harbor. Located at Bellis Fair, they specialize in extensions, face painting, teeth gems, teeth whitening and SO MUCH MORE! They opened up end of January, so if you’re taking a trip to the mall, stop by!
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