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Trinity Kerr

Trinity Kerr, Reporter

Trinity Kerr is a current Freshman at Bellingham High School, and one of the Reporters in the Newspaper Club. She was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, but she moved to Bellingham when she was a young baby and has lived there ever since. She loves reading, writing, and sleeping in for long periods of time. Trinity joined the Newspaper Club to further explore her love of writing, but also to get involved in her school and community as a Bayhawk at Bellingham High School.

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American Flag at a Low Angle

Memorial Day 2024

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
June 3, 2024
Mother and Child under a Beautiful Sunset

Mother’s Day 2024

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
May 20, 2024
Climate Change Poster, there are often Justice Walks on Earth Day

Earth Day 2024

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
April 22, 2024
Group Prayer near one of the largest Mosques, called the Jama Masjid in Delhi

Ramadan 2024

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
March 11, 2024
African American Culture, Traditionals Clothes with Musical Instruments

Black History Month 2024

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
February 26, 2024
Lunar Lanterns Hanging on The Buildings

Lunar New Year 2024

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
February 12, 2024
Photo of Martin Luther King Memorial Statue in Washington, D.C. - Pexel

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
January 22, 2024
Black and White Photo of Socks by THIS IS ZUN on PExel

National Sock Day 🧦🤍

Trinity Kerr, Reporter
December 4, 2023
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