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An Overview of the Clubs

An Overview of Bellingham High School Clubs
Rehtaeh Hopper
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On September 15th, 2023, there was a club fair for freshman to have an opportunity to see the wide variety of options for clubs to join and start off high school with plenty connections to peers over shared interests. From Dungeons & Dragons to the math team, it’s impossible to not find something for you.

There is a long list of clubs available at BHS on the official website under Activities & Athletics that shows off the large spectrum of available clubs and then some, with an application also provided to start your very own club. The application is simple, asking mostly about how your club will create a positive space for BHS students along with other general information (ex: date, time, club name). Don’t be intimidated! With the new addition of the creative writing club, they’ve shown that it’s never impossible to make your addition to BHS history.

There are also a variety of clubs that are made to improve mental health and embrace identities, including Girl Up to Embody Love, G.S.A, and Peer Centered Outreach. It doesn’t end there, with more specific clubs dedicated to culture and celebrating heritage it’s difficult to not feel appreciated in these club settings. Here at BHS, we all try in our own ways to spread positivity and be as welcoming as possible! Just by joining a club you are improving the community without even knowing it.

Don’t have anything to do once you get home or  just want to make new friends? Clubs are a great choice, allowing you to get out every once in a while and hang out with people just like you. There is no limit to how many clubs you join with the only thing stopping you is overlapping times and your own personal preference. Even then, most clubs are optional to attend, likely having other methods of communication so you can discuss anything you missed or questions you may have on the spot.

Still unsure? Well, take my own opinions! As someone who has joined clubs almost every year, I can confidently say it’s quite rare to dislike a club experience and some of my best memories and friendships have been made in them. They can be a bit time consuming, but it’s worth it to get out there and interact with classmates outside of an academic environment. Even better if you choose a club that allows more time for you to dedicate to school, as it will broaden the options of help you can get and will give you advantages you wouldn’t have without.

I look forward to seeing you all inside clubs and watching the communities BHS made spread their love across the school!

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