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Whipped Cream & Hot Chocolate

What Flavor Whipped Cream Goes Best with Hot Chocolate?
Leonardo Roman
Several whipped cream cans of different flavors stand in a line in front of a fireplace.

Now that the weather’s getting colder, it’s clear that the season of hot chocolate is arriving. The question is, how exactly should hot chocolate be prepared? In truth, that all depends on the person that’s to be enjoying this hot drink, but I’m sure most would agree whipped cream is a staple for good hot chocolate. What most may not know is even that decision has some choices that go along with it, as now your local target offers a variety of flavored whipped creams. I decided to stop by and get some for myself, now I’m here to share my opinion on those I acquired.

Of the flavors available, I was able to get my hands on 5 of the whipped cream flavors. Gingerbread, salted caramel, original, hot cocoa, and my all time favorite, peppermint. Each one offered a unique flavor experience that paired well with hot chocolate. In my opinion, some worked better than others but all have their own positive traits.

The first I tried was, of course, the original. It worked as well as it always has, the standard flavor of whipped cream accompanied by the richness of any hot chocolate is a combination you can never go wrong with!

The next flavor I was curious to about was gingerbread. I’ve never been much a fan for gingerbread in general so I didn’t expect to like it very much, but that doesn’t mean the flavor was bad at all. It certainly added a spice to the drink that I’m sure many would enjoy, and toned down the chocolate taste for those who think it can be too strong.

The third flavor I was dying to try was the hot cocoa variety. It was just as chocolatey as I hoped, and is a must have for any chocolate lover. The richness of the drink mixed well with the cream and filled every sip with chocolate goodness. This is definitely a flavor I can see myself using for my hot cocoa again in the future.

I found myself liking the salted caramel flavor a lot. The bit of saltiness definitely combatted the sweetness of the chocolate, but didn’t overpower it since it was accompanied by caramel. I’m sure many can agree caramel and chocolate are two flavors that always go well together, and this is no different. Unlike the other flavors, this one still had a clear taste of the classic whipped cream. It was as if caramel was drizzled on top of regular whipped cream to enjoy the cocoa.

The last flavor was so great I don’t even know how to describe it. I’ve always been a huge fan of peppermint, especially with my hot chocolate, so this whipped cream is the perfect topping for someone like me. The minty flavor goes well with the chocolate as it always does and it’s something I could enjoy all year round!

All these flavors were delicious in their own right, and I’m sure anyone who goes out and tries any themselves won’t regret it! Regardless of if your whipped cream has some bizarre flavor, stays the classic we all know, or if your drink isn’t topped with whipped cream at all, hot chocolate is still a drink most anyone can enjoy. With the weather getting as cold as it already is and the holidays fast approaching, I’d say any hot cocoa would be nice, but I’m sure plenty of people prefer something else. Perhaps another hot drink might suit your tastes. Maybe something like tea, I wonder if there’s any way to find out where to get the best of that?

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