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National Sock Day 🧦🤍

A Holiday to Knock Your Socks OFF!

Did you know? According to, in 1001 A.D., properly woven socks were considered a symbol of wealthiness, and even nobility! What an interesting fact about socks!

National Sock Day this year falls on Monday, December 4th. Many people may take this holiday for granted, as socks aren’t seen as too significant or important to one’s daily life. They can even be seen as bothersome when they get wet from stepping in a puddle or when someone is gifted socks for Christmas. Many also argue that this national holiday is insignificant; why take a day out of our lives to celebrate SOCKS, out of all things??

Funky Socks at Fred Meyers! Perfect for National Sock Day! (Trinity Kerr)

However, many people take pride in this holiday. Not only can it be seen as humorous, but it can be a day of giving. Many people actually donate new or unused socks to homeless shelters or thrift stores like Value Village and Goodwill in honor of the holiday. Other people take the time to be grateful for what they have, as many people worldwide are not as fortunate to have a good pair of socks for a rough climate. Some people even get a new pair of socks to celebrate, whether they be the usual plain, white, knee-high socks, or a unique and funky pair! (If you do want to buy socks, I suggest going to Cute but Crazy Socks or Fred Meyers, as they currently have a ton of deals for socks!)

Personally, I’ve always been fond of wearing cozy and comfortable socks, and I think that this holiday is significant in its own way and has its reasons to stay as a national holiday. People can give away many pairs of socks, and the people who need them the most – especially in Winter – get the socks that they need. Even if you find National Sock Day unnecessary, we can still agree that there is good that comes out of the holiday, and it teaches us about gifting.

Overall, there are many ways to uphold and even celebrate National Sock Day. You can buy a new pair for yourself, gift socks to others, donate socks, wear the coolest socks around, and so much more! Sock Day teaches us about history with socks, about the lesson of being selfless by giving an old pair of socks to others, and personal identity and how someone can express themselves – even down to what’s under their shoes

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Trinity Kerr
Trinity Kerr, Reporter
Trinity Kerr is a current Freshman at Bellingham High School, and one of the Reporters in the Newspaper Club. She was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, but she moved to Bellingham when she was a young baby and has lived there ever since. She loves reading, writing, and sleeping in for long periods of time. Trinity joined the Newspaper Club to further explore her love of writing, but also to get involved in her school and community as a Bayhawk at Bellingham High School.