BHS Jazz Band Performs for Swing Dancing Event


Jones Walther

Bellingham Jazz Band at Hotel Leo

Jones Walther

On Wednesday March 14th Bellingham High School’s Jazz Band performed at Hotel Leo as live music for one of B’Ham Hop’s weekly swing dance events. Wednesday was a special night for music, as Squalicum’s Jazz Band took up the role of live music after BHS was done playing. It is uncommon for B’Ham Hop to feature live music at its swing events, let alone live music from two different bands.

“I think the jazz band was amazing, the best I’ve ever heard them play,” said Haley Ask, an attendee of the event.

The Band was “very fun and energetic,” said Ian Belot, a trumpeter who played at the event.

“Nora did great. The singers were incredible,” said an attendee.

“It’s fun,” said Claire Bloom, a bass clarinetist, when asked what playing for the event was like.

Those on the dance floor were not lacking in enthusiasm either. At all times, the floor was filled with partners making use of the short swing dance lesson near the start of the event to twirl each other around the floor. This particular event, where the Bellingham and Squalicum jazz bands both made an appearance, had been rescheduled from November; so it had been quite anticipated.

“I’m enjoying it,” said one attendee.

“I’m having a blast,” said another.

B’Ham Hop ended the event with one of their traditions, the Shim Sham dance. The Shim Sham is an easy-to-master line dance, which was clear from the sheer number of participants managing to do it without prior experience.

The event closed with a full dance floor and smiles on attendees’ faces.