Music In Bellingham

Clementine Revard

On school day mornings, walking through Bellingham High’s front doors, you are instantly aware of the music coming from the front of the Commons. Whether it’s from the grand piano, bass, or 2000’s pop playing from the speakers overhead, it’s a unique way to start your day. Thanks to the increasing popularity of this daily occurrence, the school’s Commons have become a source of inspiration and creativity for many blossoming artists.

One group of such creators are the metal cover band Knots in the System. When asked how he feels about the ability to perform in front of a live audience, Jay Postma, the guitarist, says, “It’s a work in progress like any high school band, but once we are ready to perform, we will kick it off as strong as we can and just keep on jamming until they love us.”

To support this, the vocalist, Lucas Goodwin says, “It’s exciting but nerve wracking, even if we haven’t performed yet. I’ve never really been part of a band, I’ve never really sang before, but I’m glad to be able to play with my bandmates Shane, Judah, and Jay.”

From art to theater, sports to music, Bellingham’s students have been able to grow in their abilities and confidence, continuing to cement a reputation of ingenuity and support. Its all thanks to such opportunities that artists may continue to be inspired and inspire others.