An Open Mic Performance

Cece Gray

On March 25th, 2023, Zoë hosted a packed open mic night at Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs.

Multiple students from Bellingham high school performed. Hannah and Zoë, who have their own band, performed original songs they wrote and gave an all-around amazing performance. Hannah, when interviewed, said she was nervous to perform but got more excited throughout the night.

One of the most memorable performances was from Bodhi. He sang Waving Through A Window from Dear Evan Hansen. We hope to see him in next year’s musical.

Jane and Giselle also sang a beautiful song together. They both had amazing voices that mesmerized the audience when they sang together.

I do suggest more people go to open mics and support the local artists around school and within the community. The night was fun and was worth going to, especially if you go with some friends or family.